RLTK only supports Python 3 and it’s tested under Python 3.7+.


Using pip to install:

pip install rltk

If you want to update RLTK:

pip install -U rltk

Generally, it’s recommended to install packages in a virtual environment:

virtualenv rltk_env
source activate rltk_env
pip install rltk

Install from source

The other way to install RLTK is to clone from GitHub repository and build it from source:

git clone
cd rltk

virtualenv rltk_env
source activate rltk_env
pip install -e .

Run tests

RLTK uses pytest for unit tests. To run them, simply do following command from the root of rltk package:


If you need more detailed information, do:

pytest -v --color=yes

Build documentation

Additional dependencies for building documentation should be installed first:

pip install -r requirements_docs.txt

Documentation is powered by Sphinx , to generate it on your local, please run:

cd docs
make html # the generated doc is located at _build/html/index.html